Dear Friends,

Cousins Dougie and Lyn

This month has seen a lot happening again. Winter is definitely on its way with the weather turning cold quickly and with a few of our babies having runny noses and coughs.Our cousins, Dougie and Lynette, visited us during the first weekend this month to see our home and the work we are doing. We had a lovely 3 days catching up and visiting with them. Robyn is so blessed to have such wonderful, Godly cousins in her life. We are so thankful to the Lord for reconnecting us together with them again.

Gerry has spent a lot of time working on cars this month with the radiator going on the Toyota Camry and then the head gasket blew and he is busy replacing that. He was also working on the little Toyota Rav and replaced a few parts which needed changing and the car is going well again.

We have had a busy month of traveling, as we now have 3 children receiving counseling and medical check-ups in Manzini. They are all doing so much better, with huge behaviour improvements, and there is peace in the Home once again. The babies have also had visits to Baylor clinic this month for their regular check-ups and baby inoculations.
Robyn managing to get Emanuel’s birth certificate and traveled to Piggs Peak to do that. Sam and Josh were issued with their driver’s license cards and are now driving everywhere and helping us out a lot. Sam has been enrolled in a Training Center, which is just around the corner from our Home, to learn motor mechanics and he will start in June.

Our gardener – Fana

Aunty Promise

We employed a new gardener,  Fana, after not having had a gardener for the past 10 months, and he is working out really well. The garden is now looking lovely again. Robyn also employed a new lady, Aunty Promise, who replaced Cali, and she started at the beginning of this month. She is a niece to Aunty Zerda. It is wonderful to be back on full staff again with 6 aunties and a gardener, and it has lightened our load a lot. The aunties are working really well together and getting along with each other.

The older children wrote end of 1st term tests and 3 of them didn’t do too well. Collin passed very well and so did Keturah but the others will have to put in more effort this next term. They broke up from school on the 21st April for their holidays and will return back to school on the 16th May. Lozi attended a leadership camp, as one of the leaders for GLOW (Girls Leading Our World), for 5 days and then went straight on to our Church Youth Camp, which had the theme of ‘Into the Storm,’ and which was held at Big Bend this year.The older kids had a ball at camp and came back home all fired up for God.

We received a lot of donations this month and are particularly thankful to Woolworth’s for their generous donations to our home. We would also like to thank everyone who took the time out to visit us and encourage us in any way. To all of you who have helped us to keep this home going for these very special children that God has put into our care, THANK YOU.

Blessings to all of you

Gerry and Robyn

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