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Aunty Tema’s Baby Girl

we have had a very busy and interesting month of March. We had a lot of birthdays this month with Gerry on the 3rd, Lozi on the 13th, Dominique on the 14th, Aunty Tema on the 27th, Emily on the 29th and Sam on the 30th. Plus Aunty Tema gave birth to a beautiful, 4.7kg baby girl, Mayo, on the 20th. Tema has been on maternity leave since the 20th February and will return again to work on the 5th April.
Aunty Tema’s baby girl
Robyn had a sucessful meeting with the police, to try and hurry up the process of them finding Melusi’s mother, as nothing much had been done up until now and Melusi has been with us for 7 months. We received 2 new babies on the 9th March. Six little brothers, all from the same parents, were

Barry, Patricia & April at school, in their new home

abandoned at their homestead by their mother and the neighbours reported the matter to the police. We have taken in the youngest 2 brothers and although there are no health cards or birth certificates for any of them, Robyn has estimated that the baby (Patrick) is about 10 months old and the toddler (Buddy) is about 3 ½ years old. The 4 older brothers are in the care of the neighbours as they are attending school and the neighbours are willing to help with them.
On the 3rd, Patricia left ABC to join her her permanent Child Care Home where she has been placed with Barry and April. They are reunited and happy in pre-school and enjoying their new home together with each other. The twins are growing and are now smiling and grabbing toys and interacting nicely with us. Poppy is running all over the house in her walker and loves exploring everywhere. Barry, Patricia & April at school, in their new home
Aunty Fezile got very sick on the 9th and was rushed into hospital and operated on in the afternoon. She has recovered well and is back at work feeling better than she has in a long time. Sam continues to work for ABC and is still looking for a job. Aunty Treasure’s baby is due in April. Robyn has changed the staff duty roster and so now we have 2 ladies on duty every night to help us with the night shift. We are looking to employ another staff member to just do the house cleaning and laundry and are praying for the right person to be found.
On the 28th Robyn had the privilege to meet with the Ambassador for Indonesia and share a bit of the work that we are doing. We are grateful for the offer that he has given to us of helping ABC in some way in the future. His family also donate disposable nappies and baby milk formula to our home every month.

Robyn with Lorraine

On the 14th one of Robyn’s friends from her school days, Lorraine, paid us a visit for 3 days, and they had a lovely time catching up and spending time together. Robyn took Lorraine to see the Negwenya Glass Factory but Lorraine just wanted to spend time with the babies and love on them. It was a very special time for Robyn. The Swaziland Building Society paid us a visit this month and blessed us with donations and a morning tea party for our children and staff. We are continually grateful to all who pray for us and donate to our home every month, which helps us to continue to function and which supports us in this work of caring for the abandoned babies of Swaziland. Robyn with Lorraine
God bless you all and enjoy your Easter Holidays,
Gerry & Robyn

Robyn and Gerry

2 brothers – Patrick & Buddy

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