Dear Friends,
The month of March has once again been a difficut month for ABC but we celebrate it as God is faithful and has provided in many miraculous ways. This is His work and He has promised to provide our every need, every day. It has been a month full of birthdays for us. Gerry celebrated his birthday on the 3rd, Jono on the 6th, Lozi on the 13th, Dominique on the 14th, Emmanuel on the 26th, Aunty Tema on the 28th, Emily on the 29th and Sam on the 30th.
Sam started his 2 months internship on the 1st, at Motorlec in Matsapha, and we are so grateful to our dear friends, Lynn and Dean Bonsey, for allowing Sam to stay with them during this time. Joshua decided that he wanted to move out and to be on his own. He found a lovely little, garden flat just 15 minutes walk from his school, so he moved in during the last week of March. He will continue to work for ABC on Mondays, to help out with the brush cutting of the lawns, as he doesn’t teach on that day. Andrew arrived home on the 29th for a few weeks. His birth certificate and passport with his study visa in it, were stolen in South Africa and he has to reapply for new ones. Lozi is busy writing exams as our schools close for the end of first term on the 12th April. She was chosen to be a part of her school debating team and has represented her school at different debates, on the weekends. She is doing really well at her new school and rising up to the new challenges it offers her.
Aunty Treasure returned to work from her annual leave on the 13th and Aunty Fezile started her annual leave on the 25th. Our staff are working really well together and are a huge help to us all. It is so good to see the unity between them all. Aunty Tema’s son, Gift, is in Grade 1 and has been experiencing a few learning problems at school. He is now attending Occupational Therapy once a week, so we ask for prayers for him to receive the necessary help he needs to be able to continue in our local school.
Gerry continues to work on the cars and he has now starting to put the engines back together again. God is teaching us ‘patience’ and giving us the ability to ‘wait on Him’ through our car situations. In between doing cars, Gerry has made us a new head board for our bed and has started to work on one for Lozi’s bed.
On the 17th Swaziland Building Society (SBS) brought us some clothing and food donations. We are thankful to them for their help and they will continue to support ABC through their Golden Trust fund. We are also extremely grateful and thankful to Woolworths for their ongoing help with supplying groceries, fruit and veg, to our Home and also to Prime Bakery for their weekly donation of 20 loaves

Lucy & Isaac wearing clothes donated by SBS

of bread to our Home.
This month we ask for special prayers for financial funding, we have not had the normal financial donations we would normally have received. Without financial funds we cannot buy the essential baby milk formula, which at present amounts to E200 ($15.5) per tin every 4 days, and also for the every day running of the home, the school fees, petrol for the vehicles, electricity, etc. We are so grateful to Lamborphanage (Dr Larry & Joyce Sandberg) who donate fincances every month towards the paying of our rent and our staff salaries. Thank you everyone.
God bless you all,
Gerry & Robyn

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