Dear Friends,
We are so excited to inform all of you who have prayed, that God has blessed us greatly this month. Please continue to pray for us in the area of finances, as the cost of living has increased dramatically in our country, over this year. We were able to pay some of Jose’s colleg fees and the rest of Lozi’s school fees and to stock up on the much needed baby milk formula. We are so grateful to Woolworth’s for their continued support of food donations to ABC. We are also grateful to Children’s Cup who continue to supply ‘Feed my Starving’ soya/rice packs, which helps supplement our staff’s rations.
We had a team from the UK visit us, who assisted us with painting the big nursery room and helping us with the digging and the cementing in of the fencing poles for the play area. We are so grateful to the Wet Foot UK team who did this and also to them for providing the funding for both these projects.
Our school children broke up for school holidays on the 12 April and will return for their 2nd term on the 16 May. Keturah has done well at school this term and is an ‘A’ student. Lozi has struggled a little but is coping well in her new school and has improved a lot in most of her subjects. Sam finishes his 2 months internship at the end of this month and will return to the training centre to complete his course and write his final exams in June. Joshua has settled well into his new flat and is enjoying his teaching position. Andrew now has his birth certificate and passport and has applied for his new study visa. He is working at Ngwenya Glass Factory to help with his finances. He hopes to be able to return to SA to Uni by next month. Josh and Lozi attended our church annual Youth camp on the 28th as leaders and really enjoyed the weekend camp. God moved mightily and touched many young lives for His kingdom.
Aunty Fezile returned from her annual leave on the 20th and Aunty Promise starts her annual leave on the 30th. We celebrated 2 birthdays this month with Aunty Zerda on the 7th and April turning 4 years old on the 22nd. Isaac started walking and is now all over the place and a lot more active. Lucy has moved from her baby cot into a toddler bed and she is talking more and more. When Robyn asked our Principal Social Worker this week: “how far the government is with the adoptions?” The answer she got was: “It is looking very promising.” Lets please pray that ‘promising’ means ‘very soon’. With April turning 4, we have to consider that she needs to move from the baby home if the adoptions do not open ‘very soon’!
Gerry is now finally putting the engines for the cars back together again and we hope to have them running within the next month. It has been a huge task for him to undertake, but we know that it will be worth it in the end, as the cars will have almost new engines again and will last us for many more years to come.
This month, we felt to list and name all those whom ABC supports every month. It is a total of 42 adults and children.
Living in our ABC House are:
1. Gerry and Robyn – who live with the children in the home and do not draw a salary at all.
2. Dominique (our daughter) – lives on our property and does all our books and accounts in return for board and lodging.
3. Samsen – who is studying as a motor mechanic at BSA Training Centre.
4. José – 2nd year bible student doing a Diploma in Theology. One of our first babies who opened ABC in 1996.
5. Lozi – a Form 4 student at St Francis High School, been with us since she was 3 weeks old.
6. Keturah – an abandoned newborn who has been with us since she was 2 weeks old. She is in Grade 3.
7. April – abandoned at birth in Mbabane Government Hospital, admitted to ABC at 1 month old
8. Barry – a new born abandoned on the side of a road in a forest, admitted to ABC at 1 month old.
9. Patricia – new born abandoned outside a High school late at night. Admitted to ABC at 5 days old.
10. Emmanuel – mother died, an orphaned, premature baby brought to ABC at 1 month old.
11. Emily – a new born abandoned in the local supermarket, public toilets. Admitted to ABC at 1 day old.
12. Lucy – orphaned mother still in school, unable to care for the baby. Admitted to ABC at 2 weeks old.
13. Isaac – a new born abandoned at a homestead. Brought to ABC at 1 month old.
14. Andrew – a final year University student in Jo-burg. Comes home for holidays. He was found living on the streets and admitted to our home at 11 yrs old.
15. Christopher – 2nd yr student studying IT in Jo’burg. Comes home during the holidays. Our 1st baby admitted to ABC in 1996.
1. Aunty Tema – single mom to 2 boys, Gift who’s 6 yrs old and in grade 1, and Josiah who’s 19 months old. They all live on our propery. She gets a little help from the boys’ fathers.
2. Aunty Fezile – (Tema’s sister) single mom to 4 year old Pearl, with no support from the father. She lives on our property.
3. Aunty Alice – lives on our property with her 2 daughters, Ayanda who is 11 and Petunia who is 2. Ayanda is doing Grade 6 and her father died in a car accident in 2007. Alice is now married to Petunia’s father but he is currently unemployed.
4. Aunty Treasure – (cousin to Tema and Fezile) her homestead is near to ABC, so she lives part time on our property. Her husband is currently unemployment. They have 2 daughters, Sebenele who is 8yrs and in Grade 3, and Temvelo who is 9yrs and in Grade 4. The girls live on the homestead with their great grandfather and their aunty.
5. Aunty Promise – lives on our property and is a single mom to 2 boys, Gusta is 9 years old and in Grade 4 and Siyabonga who is 3 years old. Both boys live with their grandmother and Promise is the sole bread winner.
6. Aunty Zerda – (Promise is her niece). Lives on our property and shares a room with Promise. Zerda has 2 grandchildren she cares for, an 8 year old girl and a 4 year old boy.
7. Fana – our gardener lives at his homestead near to ABC. He has a wife and a 3 year old son, Malwande. He also supports his aging mother and 4 orphaned children living in his family.
We would appreciate continued prayers for our home and our staff and their families. Thank you to all who continue to help us and support us in any way possible. We appreciate you all.
God bless you,
Gerry & Robyn

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