Dear Friends,
Winter is well upon us and we have had our first frosts for the season this month. The children had colds and runny noses and a few had a 24 hour tummy bug which made them all miserable. Emmanuel, Lucy and Isaac have been teething as well, so were miserable for a couple of weeks. They are now all well and doing much better. Emmanuel got his head stuck in the back door security gate bars and Gerry together with our gardener, Fana, managed to get him unstuck without having to call the Emergency Services. We have noticed that he has not tried that again!
Barry had his 4th birthday on the 1st May and enjoyed all the fuss we gave him. He is quite the comedian and often has us laughing at the things he thinks up to say. Robyn celebrated her 60th on the 13th May and our family gave her a special dinner which she really enjoyed. Dominique and Lozi spent all day preparing a special birthday feast and the older boys prepared a special song which they wrote and sang for her. A few close friends and Luke and Florence arrived to celebrate with us and we all had a lovely evening.
Schools reopened on the 15th for the second term. Sam returned back to the BSA training centre, having completed his 2 month internship at Motorlec, Matsapha. Thank you to Lynn and Dean for allowing him to stay with you for those 2 months, to be closer to the work. Andrew arrived home on the 20th May to complete his application for his study visa to South Africa, as the original one had been stolen with his passport, in Johannesburg, earlier this year. Andrew will return to Uni at the end of the month, with his new study visa, to complete his degree in Marketing Management, this year. José has competed his first half of his 2nd year at college and we are so appreciative and grateful to the family who have offered to sponsor him for his college fees this year. He will be home for the month of June on a holiday break. Josh is enjoying his teaching job and continues to help out at ABC on Mondays.
Gerry is busy assembling the engines on both the Rav and the Camry. It has been a huge challenge for him as this is the first time he has ever taken an engine completely appart, repaired all the necessary parts and reassembled it again. Well done Gerry for all your hard work and effort and, Lord willing, the cars should be up and running soon.
Auntry Promise was on her annual leave for the month of May and has returned refreshed and ready for her new year at ABC. There has been a small amount of clothing and towling nappies (diapers) going missing from the home again and we have appealed to all our staff to stop the stealing from the home, as all that we have comes from God and they are stealing from Him and the orphans in our care.
Robyn has been informed that the adoptions will definitely be opening up soon (in June) and so we have decided to keep April and Barry with us for longer in the hope that once the adoptions open, they will have the opportunity to be adopted out. We have informed welfare that we are available for 2 more babies but none have been forthcoming yet.

Emmanuel’s head stuck in the gate

In the meantime, we wait upon the Lord, enjoying the fact that we are not on night duty at this time and that we are able to sleep through the night.
Please continue to pray with us:
1. For our staff and that the stealing from our home, would stop.
2. For the new babies that God wants in our home and that we would be ready to receive them when they come.
3. For continued finances in the running of the home.
4. For health among our staff and children.
5. For the adoptions to open up soon.
God bless you,
Gerry & Robyn

Emily, April and Patricia enjoying the swings
Barry in the sandpit.

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