Dear Friends,
August has been a good month for us. It started off with Gerry and Robyn taking a week’s break to South Africa as Robyn attended her class of ’74, 60th birthday celebrations on the 5th. We took time out to visit our dear friends Heather and Andy on the coast at Hiberdene, for the weekend, then on to Robyn’s cousins Dougie and Lynette for a night, ending with 2 days in Newcastle visiting Robyn’s sister, Jenny and husband Eric. Robyn also took time to say her final ‘good-byes’ to her younger sister Bernice, by visiting the place where she has been laid to rest. It was a good time away and a time of healing for Robyn. Thank you to

the day Melusi was rescued

Rick and Laura Clapp from Beyond Survival, who sponsored us for this trip.
During our time away, we were informed of a little boy who was being badly beaten and abused and needed an emergency placement. We offered our home for his safety, while police continue to investigate and try to find his mother, who had dumped him 3 months previously, leaving him in a compound of prostitutions, drug adicts and alcoholics. We have named him Melusi, which means ‘shepherd’. The age of Melusi is unknown as no details were found with him, so Robyn has put his birth date as 2 August 2013. He is very small for his age (like an 18 month old) but his behaviour and speech is that of an older child. He had no discipline and was a handful, kicking and screaming to get his own way. As Melusi had been very badly beaten and would run away when he thought he was in trouble, we had to find other the day Melusi was rescued means to discipline him. The only way that we could control his behaviour was to confine him to one of our very big and high cots (crib), that he couldn’t climb out of. This form of discipline has worked amazingly well. We just pick him up and put him into the cot the minute he misbehaves badly. Now we just have to ask him if he wants to go in the cot, and he will choose to stop his bad behaviour rather than to be put into the cot. He would constantly hit us and run away.

Melusi after 1 month at ABC

Robyn realised that he was using that as his love language because he only knew beatings. We then hugged him every time he hit us and the hitting has stopped and he is constantly hugging us. He is more secure now with lots of love, a good routine and constistency in discipline. He is very clever and is already understanding English when we speak to him. Melusi after 1 month at ABC
lucy’s mother and granny have been paying her visits and she is now getting used to them and no longer cries when she sees them. We are hoping that this new interest in Lucy, by both her mother and her mother’s granny, will continue and a relationship can be built between Lucy and her family. We are praying that Lucy will one day be returned to her biological family as long as they are making the effort to come and visit her and build a relationship with her.
Sam’s college results came out during the last week of August, and he did really well. He got a credit pass and received his certificate in Light Motor Vehicle Mechanics. He is now looking for a job but in the meantime is working at ABC helping out wherever he can. He has sent his CV to a Mechanics shop and it looks very promising, so we are just waiting to hear from them.
Lozi and Keturah broke up for the end of 2nd term for school holidays on the 11th August. We didn’t manage to pick up Keturah’s school report as we were away, but Lozi only got 55% average, which for her school, is seen as a fail. She was very disappointed and will have to work much harder to achieve a 60% pass mark for her end of year finals. From the 21st to 25th August, Lozi, Sam and Josh spent 1 week at our church preparing for Kids’ Holiday Club. The following week was the holiday club, which Keturah attended with her best friend from birth, Felicia. Keturah was so excited, as Felicia got to stay with us for that week. Much fun was had at the club, as children learnt about the ‘super

Keturah with best friend Felicia

heroes’ of the bible.
During this month, Gerry was offered to do a consultancy job, at one of the big churches here in Swaziland. He really enjoyed going off to work for 2 days and doing some fault finding. We praise God that he was able to find the fault and help rectify the problem. He will be getting paid for it, so that is helping us with the finances for the home.
Aunty Tema started her annual leave for 4 weeks on the 16 August and Aunty Zerda is filling in for her doing the night shift duties. The stealing in the Home seems to have stopped and nothing more has been stolen during this month. We were asked if we are available for a newborn who is due next month on the 14 September and if we would receive the baby at its birth. Robyn has been preparing for the new baby coming in, as we haven’t had a newborn since Isaac arrived 18 months ago.
Please continue to pray with us:
1. For the new babies that God wants in our home and that they would come in the right time.
2. For our staff, our children and us both as the parents.
3. For the adoptions to open up soon.
4. For us to buy this house that we are in.
5. That Sam will find the right job that is meant for him.
6. For us to find a good follow-on home for the 4 year olds to move to, especially the ones who are not available to be adopted out.
Our thanks go to Woolworths and Prime Bakery for the ongoing food and bread donations that they bless to ABC. Thank you to all who have prayed, helped and donated in any way.
God bless you,
Gerry & Robyn

Enjoying learning with Aunty Treasure

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