Dear Friends,
This month we are introducing our newest member of the family, Poppy. She was born on the 15 September and we fetched her from the hospital on the 16th. So after 20 months of no new babies in the home, we are back into nightshift duty, 3 hourly feeds and loving it. Poppy is doing really well, although she cried a lot in the beginning. She has now settled into a nice routine and has started sleeping 5 hours straight at night already!
The others toddlers are totally fascinated with Poppy and love to kiss her and rub her beautiful, soft, curly hair. Melusi has settled down really well and it is like he has always lived with us. He is a very clever little boy and is already speaking a lot of English. His behaviour has improved greatly but is amazes us that he never asks for his mother and tells everyone that Robyn is his ‘mom’.

Poppy – 2 weeks old

Schools reopened on the 12 September for the 3rd and final term of the year. Lozi is studying hard as the exams are just around the corner. Keturah is doing really well and is very healthy at present. She continues to do well at school. Andrew has remained in Jo’burg as he completes his degree this year and then he will be returning home and looking for a job. Sam has put his CV out at a few places and is waiting to hear from them. In the meantime, he has been employed by ABC as the driver/gardener/mechanic/handyman and is helping us out a lot. Joshua has been offered a new contract for 2018, as the music teacher with the Montesourri School. He is in the process of enrolling himself at a local University to do a part time study in a Music certificate.

Patricia, April and Barry meeting Poppy for the first time

He has also moved to a new little garden flat which is closer to his school Patricia, April and Barry meeting Poppy for the first time and which costs him a little less on rent.
This month we also met with Vernon, from the Bulembu Homes (BMS), to discuss our moving our children into the BMS homes as a follow-on home. Zanele, who started ABC with Robyn, runs the baby and toddler homes up in Bulembu and so we feel confident that our children will be well cared for by BMS. We are still waiting on the outcome of the meeting and hearing from Vernon on this matter. Tino was moved to BMS Homes in January this year and has done really well under the care of Zanele. He is in pre-school and has coped well with the move and the change in homes.
Aunty Tema enjoyed her leave and returned to work on the 13 September. We are now back on full staff again until the leaves start up once again next year. The stealing appears to have stopped and we are grateful to all who have prayed with us on this matter. We really need to have staff whom we can trust, as they are constantly in our private home and locking everything up is not always viable. It is really exciting for us to see how God is working in the lives of our staff and what He is doing for them.
Please continue to pray with us for:
1. the adoptions to open up soon.
2. our staff, our children and us both as the parents.
3. us to buy this house that we are in and that the problems between the owners would be resolved.
4. That Sam will find the right job that is meant for him.
5. us to find a good follow-on home for the unadoptable, 4 year olds to move in to
We are continually thankful to all who support us in any way and who help to make the ABC Baby Home the success that it is. Thank you to all who have prayed, helped or donated to ABC in any way.
God bless you,
Gerry & Robyn

Some of the best times had, is playing in a cardboard box.

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