Dear Friends,
It has been another busy month for us at ABC. We were asked to take in an emergency placement little boy. Zweli, who turned 3 years old on the 25th October. He has been discriminated against, badly abused and beaten by his grandfather. Robyn agreed to this placement as it was an emergency and the child needed instant removal from his family. Zweli is doing really well and enjoys being with the other little boys in the home. He was sullen and unhappy when he arrived but within a short time was smiling, as we loved on him and welcomed him into our home.

Zweli – feeling safe

With Bulembu moving their orphanage to a new premises they are not taking in any new Zweli – feeling safe children until after January 2018. As the adoptions have still not opened up, we have had to make alternative arrangements for April and Barry. They will be moving to their new home soon, as Robyn has found a placement for them in an orphanage near Piggs Peak. We are preparing them for their move and they are looking forward to attending school next year. It is never easy letting go but we know that this is in the best interest for them as they are both turning 5 next year and need to start school. They have also outgrown the baby home. We have limited space in our home and with 10 in the home already, we are now at full capacity. We have to let go of the older ones so that we can rescue more abandoned babies.
All of the little kids had a tummy bug for over a week, which made life very interesting, Aunty Fezile was very sick and needed to attend the clinic and was then booked off sick for 3 days, Aunty Treasure experienced an absyss in her tooth and struggled with it until she was put onto an antibiotic. Robyn woke up with a croaky voice and struggled with that for 3 days, while Gerry experienced ‘flu and ended up in bed for a few days. We are all well and recovered and life is good again.
Lozi starts her Form 4 finals in November and so is studying hard preparing for her exams. We are really excited as she has been offered a sponsorship for next year to complete her school- ing

Sweet Keturah

. José will complete his 2nd year at Bible College at the end of October and will then concentrate on getting his driver’s license during the next 3 months that he is home on summer break. Sam is enjoying his time working for ABC while waiting for a job. He is a huge help to the both of us and to ABC. Keturah has done really well this year and will complete Grade 3 in November. She is an avid reader and loves going to the library every Friday.
We had a team of ladies from the USA visit us this month and they invited Robyn to a ladies’conference, ‘Weed, Seed, Nourish and Flourish’ which was held on the 21st October for the day at a church in Mbabane. She attended it and really enjoyed her time spent with the other women at the meeting. We also had a team of people from the Hyde Wesleyan Church, USA, visit us at the end of the month. Pastor Bob’s team praying for us They come to Swaziland most years and like to stop in and see us and how we are
all doing. Thank you Pastor Bob and your team for caring and encouraging us.

Pastor Bob’s team praying for us

Eagles Nest, which is a big egg producing farm in Swaziland, is now donating eggs every week to ABC. We are so grateful to them for supporting us in this manner. Our staff are really excited to receive free eggs every week and the little ones keep asking for egg sandwiches for lunch.
Today I ask you all to please Thank our Heavenly Father for:
1. the adoptions to open up soon.
2. our staff, our children and us both as the parents.
3. us to buy this house that we are in and for the problems between the owners to be resolved to make it possible.
4. Sam to find the right job that is meant for him.
5. the move for April and Barry to go smoothly and that they will feel peaceful as they move to their new permanent home.
We are continually thankful to all who support us in any way and who help to make the ABC Baby Home the success that it is. Thank you to all who have prayed, helped or donated to ABC in any way.
God bless you,
Gerry & Robyn

Toddler school under the trees, doing puzzles

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