Dear Friends,
This month has seen a few ‘good-byes’ for us at ABC. After 2 weeks in our home, Zweli was transferred to his permanent Child Care Home on the 3rd. On the 8th we received a desperate call from Social Welfare to help with an emergency placement of a little girl who was being abused by her father. Within an hour of the call, the little girl, Nelly, arrived. Welfare were later able to trace her mother, who, due to desperate circumstances, had dropped her off with the father. The social workers were able to counsel and help the

Sweet little Nelly

mother and Nelly was returned to her mother after just 1 week of being in our home.
On the 10th we said a very sad ‘good-bye’ to April and Barry, who Sweet little Nelly have been transferred to their new permanent Child Care Home. It was a hard decision for us to make as they have been with us since new born babies, but we know it was the right one. They have settled in well to their new Home and have made new friends with their new brothers and sisters in the new Home.
The toddlers are coping well with the moves and changes of children in the Home. Patricia has risen up into the role of the oldest sister and is loving her new position in the Home. Melusi is still with us as the police continue to try and trace his mother. He has grown and developed really well and is now fluent in English. Poppy is growing nicely and is healthy and strong. She is 2 months old and smiling and talking in her own little language. Lucy is a little chatterbox with a lisp on all her words. Emmanuel will be leaving us soon, as Robyn has found his siblings living in another home down south of Swaziland, and has made arrangements to move him to go and live with

April & Barry leaving ABC

them in the next couple of months. April & Barry leaving ABC
Lozi and Keturah completed their end of year exams this month and we now wait until December for their results to be released. Lozi feels that she did well in the exams but time will tell. We are so blessed and grateful that someone has come forward to sponsor Lozi for her Form 5 year 2018, at St Francis High.
José finished his 2nd year at bible college and came home to work on getting his driver’s licence. He failed his learner’s test the first time but managed to pass it on the second try. He is now having driving lessons every day with a really good driving school in our area and working hard on getting his driver’s licence before he returns to college next year. We are so grateful to Melanie and Jeremy Fullingim, who have sponsored José at bible college and a big ‘THANK YOU’ goes to them from ABC for helping José realise his dream of becoming a pastor.
Aunty Fezile was admitted to hospital on the 9th and as she needed a small surgery done. She did really well and was back at work on light duty, after just a few days of recovery. Aunty Tema has informed us that she is pregnant once again and is expecting her 3rd child in March next year.
We have had a few visitors this month. Pastor Misheck Madakadze from Zimbabwe visited us for a few days. He was our pastor in Bulembu back in 2008,and it was lovely to catch up with him. The Year 4’s from Montessouri School in Mbabane also visited us and Robyn was able to share the ABC work with them. They blessed us with so many donations and we are extremely grateful to them all at Montessouri for their generosity and kindness. Our dear friends Andy and Heather Sullivan also stopped by and spent a night with us on the 25th. It was so good to see them and catch up with them too.

Gerry with our pastor Misheck from Zimbabwe

On the 19th we attended a special celebration at the SCF church in Simunye, which we were a part of many years ago. It was so lovely to see how the church there has grown and all that God is doing at Simunye. It was also lovely to see some of our old friends from our Simunye days and catch up with them too.
It is just left for us to now wish all our dear friends a very MERRY CHRISTMAS for the 25th December. May you enjoy the holidays and not forget why we celebrate Christmas and Christ’s birth and all that He did for us by coming to the earth in this amazing way. Thank you to all who have prayed, helped or donated to ABC in any way. Please continue to pray for ABC, us, our staff and our children.
God bless you,
Gerry & Robyn

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