Dear Friends,
It has been very busy this past month, as we do nightshift with the twins plus all our normal day duties. We have worked out a good routine with Gerry doing the nightshift one night and Robyn doing the nightshift the next night and then we each get to sleep a full night every alternate night. Having a nightstaff aunty on duty also helps us a lot, as they get to take one of the twins and we do the other. As the twins grow, so the nights get easier. Poppy sleeps through the night, as do the toddlers, so that makes it much easier for all of us.
Aunty Alice took 2 weeks of her annual leave at the beginning of February. Aunty Tema’s baby is due at the beginning of March and so she started her leave on the 22nd February. At the end of January, Aunty Treasure found out that she was 6 months pregnant and didn’t know it! She didn’t have any normal symptoms of pregnancy and didn’t suspect that she waspregnant until the doctor did a pregnancy test and suggested a scan be done. She and her husband are really happy now that they are over the shock, as they already have 2 little girls who are 8 and 10 years old, and the scan showed this one to be a boy. Her baby is due mid April.

Happy birthday José

José returned to bible college on the 5th February to complete his 3rd and final year in a Diploma in Theology. He celebrated his 22nd birthday on the 11th and it’s a reminder to us that ABC has now been going for 22 years, as he was one of our first babies into the ABC home. Patricia celebrated her 4th birthday on the 21st and will be moving to her new permanent Child Care Home next month. She is really excited, as she will be joining April and Barry, and starting at pre-school. The twins are growing nicely and are now smiling and making lots of baby sounds. They are on 4 hourly feeds during the day and only wake up once during the night for a feed. Betty now weighs 4kg and Bella has made 3.6kgs. Poppy is 5 months old and sitting on her own unaided. She has mastered her walking ring and is now mobile. She is full of smiles continually. On the last day of this month, Andrew moved out
Happy birthday José from our home and into his own rented room, in the village up the road from us. He decided that he wanted to live on his own and as he is working at Ngwenya Glass Factory, feels he can support himself. He will graduate university next month and hopes to look for a job in Marketing, in South Africa.
A new permanent home has been found for Melusi, and he will move just as soon as Social welfare is able to arrange a birth certificate for him. His mother still has not been traced, so he will now be declare abandoned by the courts, as it has been over 6 months since he was found and brought to our home and 10 months since he was abandoned by his mother. His social worker has secured his place in his new home and it is being kept open for him. We are very excited for him to move, as it is on a farm and we know that he will love to be there and will be well cared for by his new foster family.

Emily, Melusi, Patricia & Lucy

Sam is still looking for a job in mechanics and a position, at one of the top trucking companies in Swaziland, has been offered to him. We will only know next month if he has the job as a mechanic there or not. In the meantime he continues to work at ABC as the driver/gardener/helper to Gerry, and is saving his salary money monthly, towards obtaining a heavy duty licence.
God has blessed us abundantly this month in so many areas. We are so grateful to the Indian and Indonesian Embassy for their monthly donations of baby milk formula and disposable diapers. We thank Woolworths for their ongoing donations of food, Eagle’s Nest for their supply of eggs every week, our friend JJ for his generous donation in supplying us regularly with sugar, Prime Bakery for their donation of 20 loaves of bread a month and to everyone else who generously helps us with finances, food and all other donations and of course prayers. We appreciate you all so much and know that we could not survive at ABC without all of you helping us.
God bless you all,
Gerry & Robyn

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