Dear Friends,
We have had a busy month this June, with the Mbabane Woolworth’s community service team coming in and painting our staff cottage kitchen and then the Beyond Survival team from USA coming in and painting the outside of the staff cottage. We are so grateful to these 2 teams for sprucing up the staff cottage and making it look so lovely.
During the month of May, Collin had sought counsel with our pastor and then our pastor approached us to consider reconciling with Collin. As Collin is no longer under social welfare, being over 18 years old, we did, however, seek advice from Collin’s former social worker and he agreed that we should give give Collin one last chance in the home. On the 12th Collin was signed back into our home. He is on a probation period in our home, and has to adhere to the special terms and conditions as laid out in the agreement he has signed with ABC, otherwise he will be asked to leave the home for good. We are seeing a huge change in him as he has re-dedicated his life back to God, and is now humble and submissive to our authority. He is back in school and is doing Form 4 (Grade 11) at Impumelelo High in Mbabane.

collin in his school uniform

The Toyota Camry was doing really well but had a problem with a faulty new radiator cap that Gerry had installed and so it blew the head gasket again. So Gerry is back under the hood, installing a new head gasket in the engine, with Sam’s help. Sam has been having lorry driving lessons every day and is gaining more confidence driving big trucks. He will go for his Heavy Duty Licence test at the beginning of July. The children are all doing really well and growing fast. Poppy is now crawling all over the house and is such a joy to have in the home. Patrick took his first steps and is gaining confidence and walking slowly around more. The twins turned 6 months old and will be transferred to their new permanent children’s home next month. Emily, Lucy, Buddy and Isaac are all well and growing up fast.
Keturah celebrated her 10th birthday on the 11th and enjoyed her special day. Lozi is studying hard and doing so much better in all her tests at school. We have heard that Melusi is doing really well in his new home and is a joy to all the people he meets. José was on a month’s break from college and went to Durban on holiday with his friend Eric. They had a super time and we are so thankful to our dear friends, Heather and Andy, who allowed them to stay with them, which helped them with financial costs and allowed the boys to stay a little longer. Christopher was home for a few days and it was lovely to spend some time with him. He is in his final year at Uni and has already been offered an internship in South Africa, in his field, for next year. Andrew is back in Swaziland and still looking for a job although he has had a few offers in South Africa, he is struggling to get a SA work permit.

A happy 10 year old

Aunty Zerda took 2 weeks leave from the 1st June and visited some of her her family in Mozambique. We are still trying to decided when it will be best for us to go to UK on our sponsored holiday trip. As Lozi writes her final school exams in October, we want to be here for that. The price of air tickets to fly to UK has increased and so we are re-thinking our plan to go in September. November may work better for us in the end, as Lozi will have finished school and will be home to help run it while we are gone. We don’t want to worry about the home while we are away, as this is a time for us to rest, enjoy our grandchildren and have some alone time with each other.
Thank you to everyone who has helped us during this past month. We are so appreciative to all you support, love and prayers. Please continue to pray for finances as we cannot run this home without financial support. Please continue to pray for the purchase of this property so that we can have a permanent home to live in. Please pray for our health as Robyn has had a bad cough since April and is struggling to get over it.
God bless you all
Gerry & Robyn

Woolworths team painting the staff cottage kitchen.

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