Dear Friends,
Well we have booked and paid for our air tickets to the UK and we will leave Swaziland on the 1 November returning to Swaziland on the 3 December. We are really excited about the holiday and we are looking forward to the break and time with our children and grandchildren in the Uk. We are feeling the cold as winter is well upon us and the extra blankets, duvets, winter woolies and heaters have been unpacked and put to good use.
The normal winter fires which sweep past our property every year at this time, made its way past our home, both the front and the back, in the last week of July. Praise God that no damage was done to any houses along the way. Well done to Gerry, Sam, Collin and Fana who were our fire-fighters keeping the fires under control around our house.

Bella & Betty

The twins, Bella and Betty, were transferred out of our home and into their permanent childrens’ home on the 5th of July and we were so sad to see them go. They have made such amazing progress in the time we have had them, and they will be missed a lot but we know that they will be well cared for in their new home. The home is quiet now with only 2 babies and 4 toddlers in our Bella and Betty on the day that they left us care plus our Aunties 2 babies who come to work with them moms.
Lozi, Collin and Keturah started their end of 2nd term exams on the 18th and have been studying hard this month. Lozi was selected to represent her school in the National Public Speaking (PS) competition but they were not chosen to represent Swaziland and go to Botswana in December to compete in the Southern Africa School PS competition. On the 16th Sam did his Heavy Duty Driver’s license test and passed it well.

Gerry, Alistair, Robyn and Rebecca

He continues to look for a job and in the meantime, works for ABC, helping us in so many areas of the home. Keturah continues to have horse-riding lessons every Tuesday afternoon and is really benefiting from these lessons. She is now learning to canter and to jump her horse. She is very confident on the horse and her instructor is very pleased with her progress
All the aunties were on duty this month and have worked really well. We are so grateful that the babies and children and staff have all remained healthy and strong with no signs of colds or ‘flu this winter. Robyn’s cough is so much better and she is feeling strong again. Thank you all for your prayers
We were blessed with a weekend away from the 26th with Robyn’s sister Jenny, and her husband Eric, who spoilt us to this time away
Gerry, Alistair, Robyn and Rebecca
at a holiday resort near the Kruger Park. Robyn’s nieces, Erica and René were also with us. René and her husband, Tony, and their 2 children were visiting from the UK and it was lovely that we got to meet Robyn’s great-nephew and great-niece, Alistair and Rebecca, for the first time. We had a lovely family reunion and a great break and we are so appreciative to all that Jenny and Eric did for us to make this time-out so special for us.
Once again, ‘Thank you’ to all of you for all your prayers, support, love and encouragement.
God bless you all
Gerry & Robyn

Gerry relaxing with a cup of tea Robyn taking timeout to knit and relax 2 sisters, a niece and a great-niece

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