Well, the time has come for us to take our trip to the UK, for the month of November. We were donated air-tickets to the UK to go and visit our daughter, Talitha, Jono and our 3 grandsons. We were so excited as we had been praying and trusting God to give us this opportunity from the beginning of this year. We struggled to get our British visas at first, as we were told that we did not submit enough evidence to say that we would return to Swaziland after our holiday was over. So after re-applying and lots of paperwork submitted with our 2nd application, we were eventually granted our holiday visas to visit the UK.

During this time we made 4 trips to Pretoria, in SA, and found that it was a good time for us to spend together while we were travelling the 8 hour trip that it took us to get to Pretoria and back. We are now preparing our home for our absence as we have to make sure that it all runs smoothly while we are away. Dominique will be in charge, Lozi will step up into mom’s shoes and Sam will take on the role as ‘dad’. Luke and Florence have offered to be on standby for any emergencies that may arise. We are also grateful to a few of our friends who have offered their services if any thing is needed during this time The new veranda roof at the back of the house
Lozi started her final exams at the beginning of the month and will complete her last exam on the 29th. She has studied hard and feels confident that she has done well. Only time will tell. She will attend her school prom night on the 3 November. Lozi will have completed school when we leave for the UK, making it so much easier for us to go, and that being one of the reason why we chose to go in November. Keturah will be writing her final exams for Grade 4 during November.

Andrew chased Collin out of the room that they were sharing due to Andrew’s drinking alcohol and getting into lots of fights, of which Collin disapproved. So we decided to help Collin get a room of his own, away from Andrew. He moved into a room up the road from us and we are paying the E400 monthly rent for him. He continues to go to school as he wants to finish his education. He has also managed to get himself a job at a local packaging factory and he works mostly the nightshift so that he can study and attend school during the day. He comes home regularly (to have a hot shower and to eat) and we see him almost every day. Gerry has been teaching Colliln to make a small, wooden, bedside table for his room and Collin has enjoyed learning this skill from Gerry. Gerry also completed the roofing on the back veranda and it has made such a huge

difference in the kitchen and the toddlers room, keeping it cool from the afternoon sun.
The babies are all doing really well and Prince has settled in nicely. He is very active and has a very short concentration span but he is learning fast to obey when spoken to, as he
does not like the ‘naughty’ chair. Patrick is starting to talk more and his new thing is to point to everything and say ‘what’s that?’ Poppy is almost walking but lacks the confidence to let go and go. She is standing on her own but hasn’t taken that 1st step yet. Sam is still looking for a job but we have become so dependent on him in the home that when he does get a job and move, we are going to miss him so much. He is a hard worker and always willing to go the ‘extra mile’. José completed his Bible College course this month and will graduated with his Diploma in Theology, on the 27th. He then goes on a 2 week mission trip into Mozambique during November, and he is really looking forward to this trip. Missions is his heart and although he is not

sure where he will end up next, he is trusting God to make the way open for him and
the next step in his life. We are so proud of our boys who are now grown men.
Jose receiving a bible at his graduation dinner Thank you to everyone who is a part of making ABC baby home so successful and helping us to give these
little ones a good home to be raised in.
God bless you all

Gerry & Robyn

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