Our newsletter is a little late this month, as we arrived back on the 4th December, after an amazing time in the UK. There was a lot of catching up that we had to do, once we got home, so this will be our last newsletter this year.
The weather was fairly good to us while we were in the UK, with people saying how ‘warm it was for this time of the year’. It was wonderful to spend time with Jono, Talitha and the boys. Our grandsons were very happy to see us and because Ben and Jesse were in school, we got to spent a lot of extra time with 2 year old Judah, which was very special. Gerry really enjoyed his time with Judah and they took long walks together.

Ilfracombe Harbor with Judah who lives in Bracknell, and spent the weekend with our cousins and their families. It was a special time for Gerry to meet all Robyn’s cousins. Thank you Judy and Richard for your love and hospitality. Jono fetched us from Judy’s house the 5th to go to Ilfracombe and then our next weekend, 10th and 11th, was spent in Kettering with Robyn’s niece, René, Tony and the kids. Robyn shared ABC in their Across Border Community Church on Saturday night. It was lovely to see a new part of England and to spend time with our nieces and nephews. A huge thanks to Tony for traveling down to fetch us and returning us safely back to Ilfracombe again. Thank you also to ABC church for their generous financial donation to our baby home. Our time in the UK was wonderful and we got to meet and spend time with friends that Robyn had made when Judah was born. Thank you to all who donated and contributed to our trip to the UK and who made it so special for us. We were truly blessed by all of your generosity.
Lozi completed her exams, finishing school on the 29th October. She attended prom night on the 3 November. She looked so lovely all dressed up and she had a wonderful time. Keturah

completed her Grade 4 and was home for the summer holidays. She came 4th in her class with an average of 87% overall. Collin continues to work at the packaging factory and wrote his Form 4 exams at the same time. José went on a missions trip into Mozambique for 2 weeks. Poppy was still is not walking when we got back, although we expected her to be running all over by the time we got back. She had been sick and was teething and really miserable but is healthy and much happier now. She took her first steps again on the 12th December and is now walking everywhere. Dominique ran the home with Lozi and Sam, while we were gone and they did an amazing job.
Aunty Zerda took 2 weeks leave at the beginning of November to attend her daughter’s wedding in Mozambique and Aunty Alice then went on 4 weeks leave from the 19th. The staff all worked really well while we were gone and we are so proud of all of them for stepping up and making the home run smoothly in our absence.
Thank you to Montessori Primary School for visiting our home on the 29th. Dominique did the ABC talk with them. The Grade 7 class were really happy to spend time with the toddlers and to see how they had grown. Thank you to Montessori for all the generous donations you brought with you when you visited us.

We have been given another ‘once off’ donation from All Souls Church in London, UK, and we will be using it to lift the old tatty carpet in our passageway and lay down tiles. Another big job for Gerry, but we are so grateful to the Lord for this provision to be able to make this home more livable for all of us. Gerry continues to work on the cars, as there is always one that is needing attention. We were donated a ‘scrap’ Toyota Esteema van to use for spare parts, so Gerry is going to work at getting our Esteema van back on the road again within the next few months.
Robyn is hoping to take another trip to the UK in March and we are once again trusting God for the finances, for her air ticket and a new suitcase, to go. She would like to make good use of her 6 months visa, seeing as we spent a lot of money on getting them.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and pray that you all enjoy the holidays. Remember: it’s not about the gifts we get but about the greatest gift that God sent us.
Until next year then,
God bless you all
Gerry & Robyn

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