What an amazing month June has been for us. Robyn shared ABC at church and we had an amazing response to that. World Vision contacted us and they visited our home and the same day, after the visit, we were called to pick up boxes of disposable diapers, knitted jumpers and socks, and shoes for winter.

The court case for our house issue was on the 4th and 5th of June, where we are witnesses for the case in the ongoing fight between the owner and his ex-wife over this house that we rent from him. We were supposed to return to court on the 13th but the husband got very sick and was admitted to hospital with pneumonia. The case is still pending and we are waiting to be called back to court. We signed a deed of sale with the husband/owner in 2014 and as far as we understand, it is still valid.

Garry with Moses

We celebrated 3 birthdays this month, Adelle turned 4 on the 5th, Valerie turned 2 on the 10th and Keturah turned 11 on the 11th. Aunty Alice returned from her leave on the 3rd and Aunty Fezile took 1 week’s leave at the beginning of this month.

On the 6th we were blessed with a 7 month old, baby boy, Moses. He was an emergency placement, having been discharged from the hospital with no where to go, while police investigate looking for his mother. He has been extremely neglected and came into the home covered in a skin rash and mal nourished. He is already doing so well and healing nicely.

Dominique moved to her new home at Hawane, on the 9th. Gerry and Sam had spent quite a lot of time at the house fixing small things, scrubbing walls and painting, to help her get it ready for her to move in. Sam drove the truck to move her.

ABC twins from USA, visiting ABC

On the 15th, we had a lovely, surprise visit from twin girls who had been adopted from our baby home to America, 10 years ago. The girls and their ‘forever’ family had came to Swaziland to show the girls the land of their birth. We were so blessed to see them all again and to see how beautifully they have grown. Well done to their parents, Don and Carlye Hay, for raising such amazing young ladies.

Then on the 11th, Robyn found out that Buddy and Patricks’ 3 older brothers were residents at an orphanage just up the road from our home and she was able to take them to see their brothers. There were many tears shed as the brothers embraced each other again after 15 months of being apart. On the 15th, Buddy was transferred to his new permanent home to live with his older brothers and Patrick will join them in March next year when he turns 3. Until then, we will take Patrick regularly to visit with his brothers.

The Woolworth’s Community Team arrived on the 22nd to paint Keturah’s bedroom and they blessed us with a brand new washing machine. We are so grateful to Woolworths for their continued support and donations which we regularly receive from them, in the way of foods and clothing.

Two excited young men packed

On the 3rd José took a 2 week, mission’s trip to Mozambique for 9 days, with a missions team from our church, to help rebuilt homes in the flooded area of Bandua. On the 28th we said a sad ‘good-bye’ to our Sam as he heads off to Zambia to go and visit with his special friend, Faith, and her family. He was worried about traveling on on his own all the way to Zambia, but God made a way for him and he was invited to join the Wycliffe Association bible translation team. He left with José and the leader of the team, Ernades, to open a bible translation office in Livingston, Zambia.

Prayer Requests please:
• ongoin prayers for the court case concerning the house settlement.
• Collin as he is struggling and going through a bumpy time in his walk with God right now.
• Sam and José as they have arrived safely in Zambia and have started to work on the bible translation
course. They are also feeling a little homesick.
• please give thanks for all the provisions that God has given to us and continues to supply for us daily

Thank you
God bless you
Gerry & Robyn

Receiving the brand new washing machine from Woolworths
Woolworths Community Team painting Keturah’s bedroom
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