We have had a lot of sickness in the home this month. Most of the little ones had ‘hand, foot and mouth’ disease. We have never had this disease in our home before and didn’t know what it was at first. It almost looks like chickenpox which Robyn thought it was at first. We had brought in Moses from the government hospital, who had it, and he kindly shared with all the others. The little ones are all getting over it and then our new baby Veronica arrived and brought us coughs and ‘flu which Robyn picked up and is still recovering from. Veronica was put onto an antibiotic and she has recovered nicely.

The house issue and the court case, is still pending but we continue to live in the house and pay the rent every month, thanks to all our faithful donors who support us every month and who make this possible for ABC.

Cory installing the top shelf of our new cupboard

On the 9th, the Beyond Survival team from USA, arrived and spent the day working on our new grocery supply cupboard. They brought in lots of donations and we were extremely blessed to have them visit us and encourage us. This team comes every year and assists ABC with a job that needs doing around the house. We are so thankful for the assistance that Beyond Survival gives to us and have come to see their annual visit as one of the highlights of our year.

22 month old Veronica

On the 22nd we received a call for an emergency placement. A baby girl of 21 months old, had been abandoned to a lady on the pretence that her mother would return, but the mother did not return to fetch her baby. The lady kept the baby, Veronica, for 1 week and then realised that mother was not going to return and took the baby to the police, who then contacted us. Veronica arrived just 4 hours later after us getting the call.

After 6 years of working for ABC as a child carer, we had to say ‘good-bye’ to aunty Zerda, as she failed to return back to work after her 2 weeks leave, earlier this month. God is good and Aunty Emmelinah stepped up into Zerda’s position and we have employed Aunty Thuli to replace Emmelinah as the cleaning lady and leave relief worker. Thuli will start work on the 1st August.

Collin is working hard this year at school and he and Keturah are in the middle of the end of 2nd term exams. Lozi has been accepted to study a 3 year diploma in Paramedics at the EMR College in Mbabane.

She passed her learner’s driving licence test on the 5th and is now having driving lessons for her driver’s licence. Because our 3 boys, Sam, Josh and José, went through Zaty driving school and passed well, the owner of Zaty is now giving Lozi free driving lessons. She continues to work for ABC and is a huge help to Robyn in the home.

Sam proposed to Faith on the 16th July and she said YES! Welcome to the family Faith, we are so happy to know that Sam has chosen well. Sam was unable to find a job in Zambia, as things are really desperate there right now, so he returned home on the 29th to come and find a job and prepare a home for him to bring Faith to here in Swaziland.

Prayer Requests please:
• ongoing prayers for the court case concerning the house settlement and for us being able to buy the house.
• that Collin will remain focused on his schooling and get a good pass to enable him to go to medical school
• A job for Sam
• Funding for Lozi’s college of which E 32,925.00 (US$2217) is needed for her 1st year.
• please give thanks for all the provisions that God has given to us and continues to supply for us daily

Thank you
God bless you
Gerry & Robyn

So blessed to have had Rick and Laura Clap and the Beyond Survival team
visit our home and spend the day with us

The ABC Aunties receiving the Word from the team
Collin with Rick
Rick, Gerry, Robyn and Laura
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