Spring has sprung here in Swaziland and come early, after a very mild winter. There have been a lot of runaway bush fires around our home this month but we praise God for His goodness and protection over our property.

Our new aunty, Thulile
Our new aunty, Thulile

Aunty Thuli joined our staff on the 1st as the cleaning lady and the holiday relief worker. Aunty Fezile took 2 weeks leave during this month, to enjoy some time with her new husband. ABC employs 8 staff members which consists of: 7 aunties and 1 male gardener. Thuli and our gardener, Fana, live off our property and within walking distance, at Motshane. The other 6 ladies live at ABC in staff accommodation provided for them. Gerry and Robyn manage the home and live in with the babies. Dominique keeps our financial books up to date. Lozi steps in and assists with the cooking and helps whenever possible. Sam is still desperately looking for a driving job but in the meantime is temporarily helping out in the baby home.

Keturah and best friend, Felicia
Keturah and best friend, Felicia

On the 9th our schools broke up for end of 2nd term holidays. Keturah’s best friend, Felicia, arrived to stay with us for a week and attend our church Holiday Bible Club. Sam, José and Lozi are youth leaders in our church and were part of the leadership for the HBC this year. The HBC was a huge success and enjoyed by all the kids who attended this year.

Collin did well in his exams and came 7th in class. He is now studying hard for his finals. Keturah did well in her exams and came 4th in class with a 76% average. Lozi is due to start college next month and has been for her orientation and introductions at EMRC. Her paramedic college uniform is on order for her as she is very small and the college had to order specially for her. Lozi also passed her driver’s licence test on the 5th August and so we now have 4 of our kids with driver’s licences which is a huge help to us.

Gerry laying the tiles in passageway
Gerry laying the tiles in passageway

Gerry has been working hard, tiling our passage way in the main house. It is a long process, as there are so many other things that keep cropping up during the day that need seeing to. He has almost completed the passage way and the tiles are a huge improvement to the old shabby maroon carpet that was there. We are so grateful to World Mission, from All Soul’s Church in London, for their donation in making this renovation possible for us.

On the 20th we received an emergency call asking if we could take in an 18 month old boy who was reported to the police as being continually locked in a dark room by his abusive, alcoholic father. Welfare removed the baby and within 3 hours of of being asked if we could take him, he arrived at our home. Tony, was a sad little boy, whose mother had abandoned him, 3 months previously, to his father and so police are now trying to trace his mother and the father has been apprehended. Within 2 days of joining our family, Tony was smiling again and settling in nicely to his new environment.

a sad Tony on admittance

Prayer Requests please:
• for Collin as he studies for his final exams in October.
• A driving job for Sam
• Funding for Lozi’s college of which E32,925.00 (US$2217) is needed for her 1st year.
• please give thanks for all the provisions that God has given to us and continues to supply for us daily

Thank you
God bless you
Gerry & Robyn

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