Once again we have had a busy month. On the 9th we were served court papers from Rose, the house owner’s ex-wife, trying to get us evicted yet again, and to also anul the Deed of Sale for the house, which was signed in 2014 and is still valid. While the other court case is still pending, she has brought another charge against us, which means visits to lawyers and court dates. We are so grateful to Boxshall Smith & Assoc, for all the help and service that they have given to us in the house situation. We trust that God is going to work it all out and that this will finally mean that we can close the deal on the Deed of Sale and that ABC can, at long last, own permanent property.

Lozi ready for orientation

School reopened on the 9th for the 3rd and final term of the school year. Collin is studying hard as his final exams started on the 30th and will continue throughout next month. On the 9th, Lozi started her paramedics training at EMRC and on the 27th and 28th did an orientation with all the new EMR students. She had to stay awake for 24 hours. They started off by walking the 20kms dirt road from Pigg’s Peak to Bulembu. Then they had to climb Emlembe Mountain and find a patient and bring them back down again. There was a whole lot of other tough things that they had to do. Lozi managed it all and we are all proud of her for achieving Lozi ready for orientation the orientation and for not giving up.

Veronica with her mum

On the 20th, Veronica was reunited with her mother. After a thorough investigation and counselling by her social worker, Veronica’s mother decided to return to her maternal homestead and receive help from her family. She is looking for a job so that she can now
support her daughter. It was a happy reunion when she came to fetch Veronica.

2 year old Jewels

On the same day that Veronica left us, 2 year old Jewels joined our family. Her mother had dropped out of school, to give birth to Jewels. Her mommy returned to school and granny looked after Jewels. As her granny has now found a permanent night shift job, there was no one who could care for Jewels and so her mommy was about to drop out of school once again. Welfare begged us to help with this case and ABC agreed. Mommy has returned to school, to write her Form 4 exams now. We will be caring for Jewels until mommy completes her Form 5 schooling next year. Jewels is loved by her mommy and granny. Earlier this month Promise informed me, that she is pregnant with her 3rd child and the baby is due at the end of January 2020. On the 17th, our gardener Fana’s wife at 4 months pregnant, sadly suffered a miscarriage. They have a 5 year old son and Fana says that they will try again. His wife has recovered nicely.

Jude & Jon Skinner with Keturah

On the 18th, it was so lovely to have some old friends, Vivian Baier and Shirley Bradford from Big Bend, whom we haven’t seen in 15 years, visit us. Shirley donated to us, a whole lot of pre-school equipment which Robyn was able to share with the Hawane Pre-school at Challenge Ministries and help Jessica Dlamini who is opening a pre-school in 2020. It was so good to see Vivian and Shirley and to catch up after all this time. We also had our dear friends, Jon and Jude Skinner from Ilfracombe UK, spend the 23rd and 24th with us. They were also our neighbors in Bulembu and Jude was instrumental in bringing Keturah into our lives and baby home. We had such a special time together catching up and sharing what God has done in all our lives.

Prayer Requests please:

• For God’s will to be done on our house issue so as for us to either continue to buy this house for ABC, or for Him alternatively to provide another better home for ABC.
• A driving job for Sam
• Continued prayers for Collin as he studies for his final ‘O’ level exams in October.
• Give thanks for donations that came in for us to be able to pay Lozi’s first year college fees in full.
• Please give thanks for all the provisions that God has given to us and continues to supply for us daily

Thank you
God bless you
Gerry & Robyn

Brotherly love between Phil & Tommy
Tommy with his sisters, Adelle & Annie.jpg
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