On the 1st, Keturah’s court order for the Social worker to do a social economic report, was granted. So now we wait for Social Welfare to come to our home and do an interview with us. At least this is one step closer to her adoption being finalised after an 10 year wait. Praise the Lord!

On the 2nd we were so happy to have Jewels’ and Gordon’s mothers visit them. We love that the mother’s are involved and want to keep in contact with their babies. We encourage the mothers to visit often and to keep the bond strong between mother and baby.

Sam started working for Mr Waterman on the 5th and is now driving all over Swaziland delivering water to different businesses. He is loving the job and working hard. We miss him a lot at ABC and now Gerry is having to do all the driving and our gardener, Fana, is working the gardens alone, but we are so happy for Sam.

Gordon and his new ‘brother’ – Billy

We received a new baby boy on the 7th. He had just turned 2 months old and he was very small for his age and under nourished. His mother was very sick and weak and was unable to feed him. She could not afford the milk formula which he needed. She needed to be admitted to the hospital for treatment, but there was no one who could look after the baby. At first, baby Billy was extremely hungry and cried all the time. He has recovered nicely and is gaining weight fast. We are praying for a speedy recovery for his mother so that he can be returned to her within the next 2-3 months. Billy is 3 weeks older than Gordan.

Lozi with the bride, Aunty Fezile

Collin completed his Form 5 final exams and has now finished with high school. He applied for a job with a company called Web-Tech, in Manzini. He started working for them at the beginning of November and is enjoying learning Web design. Keturah finished her Grade 5 exams on the 22 November and has started the summer holidays. We will fetch her end of year school report, at the beginning of December.

One of the court cases against us went to court on the 22 November, but was postponed to a later date, possibly only to be heard again next year. We continue to trust God for this house, which is ideal for ABC, and believe that this is our house for the ABC Baby Home. We have prayed and asked God to bring us another house if it is His will that we move but, so far, He has only brought us more babies.

On the 23rd, Aunty Fezile celebrated the 2nd stage of her Swazi traditional wedding. Fezile wanted Lozi at the wedding with her and Lozi was given a place of honour, as she was invited to sit with Fezile’s sisters. Lozi loved every minute as this was her first experience of a Swazi wedding.

We visited Simunye on the 23rd, to say a sad ‘good-bye’ to our dear friend, Di Sanderson who is moving back to South Africa. We stopped in to visit old friends, Yvette and Dean Bennett whom we haven’t seen in 25 years since we moved out of Simunye. We had a lovely time catching up but we sure do not miss the heat of
Simunye. It was lovely meeting old friends but it was so hot and we were extremely glad to get back to the coolness of Ngwenya Village again.

Gerry has completed tiling the passageway and the interns from our church have continued to complete the painting of the bedroom door frames. The passage looks lovely, bright, light and fresh. We are so thankful to World Missions, All Souls Church in London for their financial support to make this happen. Gerry continues to work on the four ABC vehicles, as they are very old and constantly in need of repairs of some

Prayer Requests please:
• Continued prayers for the house court cases.
• For social welfare to come to our home soon to do the social economic report for Keturah’s adoption.
• Please pray for funding to come in for our staff childrens’ schooling for next year, which ABC helps them
• Give thanks for Sam’s new driving job.
• Give thanks for all the financial donations that we receive so that we can continue to run ABC successfully
• Give thanks for all the provisions that God has given to us and continues to supply for us daily

Thank you
God bless you
Gerry & Robyn

The ABC toddler gang: Poppy, Carol, Patrick, Valerie, Tony, and Julie – Jewels
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