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February Newsletter 2016

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February has been a hard month for us at ABC but God is faithful and we have made it through. There has been good and bad, sad and happy, and also rejoicing times during this month.

Aunty Dudu who resigned and left us in January, took us to the law saying that Robyn was abusing her verbally and so she had to resign, saying it was a constructive dismissal. The whole month was a worry because we knew that Robyn had not abused any of her staff but finally we had to meet on the 29th February to finalise this complaint that was laid against Robyn and ABC. Robyn keeps detailed records on all the staff and Dudu didn’t know this. Her story changed a few times during the final meeting as Robyn read out from her records against each complaint. This definitely helped to save us from paying out E21 000 to Dudu as she was demanding from us. The matter was settled and an agreement of settlement of E5000 was drawn up and Dudu left.


Collin has been going through some really difficult times and his behaviour and rebellion in the home was very tiring. He was assessed and treated and is now on medication to assist his mood swings and behaviours and the change in him has been amazing to see. He was very close to being moved out of the ABC home by the social welfare department, as his behaviour could have been a problem to the babies. It was a very hard and emotional time for all of us in the home but we rejoice at the miracle God has done in his life and that he is now able to talk to us about what he was going through at the time and how grateful he is that we stuck by him and have helped him.

Robyn has been informed by Social Welfare that the adoptions should be opening up very soon. It looks very promising at this time. On the 18 February, the social worker phoned and begged us to take in another abandoned baby boy. He needed to be removed from the hospital and welfare wanted us to take him. Robyn told them that we are full and this is when the social worker informed Robyn that the adoptions should be opening up very soon. Of course we agreed to take in the baby and baby Isaac, born on the 26 January, joined our family. He is a sweet and contented baby and is easy to feed and sleeps well at night.

Tino celebrated his 3rd birthday on Valentine’s Day and shared a lovely big cake with José who had his 20th birthday on the 11th February. ABC has now been going for 20 years as José was one of our first babies into the home. Patricia celebrated her 2nd birthday on the 21st and enjoyed all the fuss and blowing the candles out on her cake. She now walks around singing happy birthday to herself. The other babies are all growing well and into everything. Emily and Emanuel are crawling everywhere and Wanda and Lucy are moving around in their walkers.

Josh paid the dentist a visit this month and had to have one of his wisdom teeth cut out. He has recovered nicely from it. Sam and Joshua both passed their driver’s tests this month and they are very keen to take over the driving, fetching and carrying kids to and from school and running errands. This has relieved Gerry to do other things in the home and it certainly helps us a lot. They are still both looking for jobs but in the meantime they are working in our garden, as we still don’t have a gardener, and they are mowing the lawns and helping out wherever is necessary, even feeding the babies at times.

We are so grateful for the rain that we have seen over this month and it seems as though the drought is nearly over.

Thank you everyone who continues to pray for ABC and to support us in any way. We really appreciate it.

Blessings to you all
Gerry & Robyn