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June Newsletter 2016

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Dear Friends,

This has been a good month for us even though it has had a little sadness too. We struggled with Kevin and his behaviour and nothing we did seemed to be helping him. He continued to disrupt our home, be rebellious and show signs of aggression and violence. With much deliberation and guidance from the social welfare, police and the psychologist, it was suggested that Kevin be moved out of ABC and returned to his birth mother in Big Bend. So on the 12th June, Kevin was signed out of ABC and taken back to his biological family, by welfare. We have heard that he has been enrolled in the local school there, so we are praying that he will continue with his schooling.


The team from USA who painted our lounges and showered ABC with many blessings


A team from USA arrived to spend the day with us and painted our lounge, dining room and hallway for us. What a blessing! The rooms were in desperate need of a coat of paint and they now look lovely, clean and fresh. Thank you Rick and Laura Clapp and the team for all the hard work, donations and blessings you bestowed upon us at ABC.


Another group of people arrived from Cape Town and Robyn shared our story with them, which was so encouraging for all of us. Thank you Jacqui van Schalkwyk and your group for the donations of baby milk, books and CDs, and for taking the time to come and visit us.

We met with the owner of our house, Rueben, and our new lease for the next 3 years was signed. We are now able to remove all the junk that was left in the yard, for the past 4 years by Rueben’s ex-wife, as it has been written into the lease, by our lawyer, that it be removed. The junk has housed a few snakes and rats and so we will be grateful to get rid of it all.

Jose came home from college, on his half year for a 1 month break. He is loving it at College and doing really well. He and Collin spent time helping Dominique at the famous, yearly, Swaziland Bushfire Band Festival and they earned a little extra money for doing it plus got free entrance to the festival.Plus both of them help Dominique at different functions for Total when she needs extra hands to help her.

Zandi had a stay over to for the weekend of 24th and it was good to see her.

The babies are all doing well. The younger ones have been teething and so been a little miserable with that. Emanuel is standing on his own but lacks the confidence to take his first steps as yet. Emily is running everywhere and into everything. She loves to sing and we often can make out tunes to different songs that she hums to tunes to. The older 4 are learning to speak Portuguese with Aunty Zerda and enjoy their lessons with her. They are talking so much and keep us amused with all the new things that say and the way they say it. Isaac turned 5 months old and is a happy and contented baby full of laughter. Robyn managed to get Isaac’s birth certificate done at Piggs Peak. Lucy and Wanda are crawling everywhere and are pulling themselves up to stand. The wash load has increased drastically as the weather turns colder and we have to bundle the babies and toddlers up against the cold as our houses are not geared for the cold. African houses are built for the heat, so some days it is warmer outside that it is inside during winter.

On the 27th June, Josh went to Zimbabwe to do outreach with his church for a week. He is still struggling to find what he really wants to do. He has applied to do an internship at our church and is waiting to hear. Sam started at the BSA training centre on the 30th June, to do the Motor Mechanics course. It is great that the centre is just around the corner from our home and he walks there in less than 5 minutes.

We are continually grateful to everyone who supports and assists us with ABC and keeping it running. Thank you to the generosity of those who give so freely and readily. Thank you to all of you who faithfully pray for our home and our children. This month, we especially want to thank Children’s Cup for the continued donations of Feed My Starving Children (Manna) soy/rice packs. The packs help supplement our staff’s weekly food rations and the toddlers love to eat it for supper. Thank you also to Woolworths for your continued support and help.

God bless all of you

From a cold and Wintery Swaziland

Gerry and Robyn