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July Newsletter 2016

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Dear Friends,
July has been a fairly quiet month. The babies are all doing well and growing. Emanuel has started walking. Emily is into everything. Wanda and Lucy are crawling everywhere and pulling themselves up to stand. Isaac is starting to push himself around in the walker, has 2 teeth and is eating solid foods. The older 4 are active and busy, climbing, jumping, running around and embracing life to the fullest, talking and questioning everything.

Robyn is preparing to leave for the UK on the 12 August, for 6 weeks, to be with Talitha and the birth of our new baby grandson, on the 22 August. She leaves on the 12 August. She had to apply for a Swazi International passport and we have been to Pretoria to the British Embassy for her Family Visa which has been granted. There were many questions to be answered and much paperwork to be done but she now is ready to go. Dominique will be here to help Gerry with the running of the home while Robyn is away. Talitha doesn’t know that Robyn is coming as we, together with Jono, have planned it as a surprise for her. We had a few problems with Joshua at the beginning of the month, as he is still undecided as to what he wants to do for his career. He was counselled by our pastor and the youth pastor of our church and came home with a happier and better attitude. He is now working for ABC and assisting the gardener (Fana) and helping us in any way, until he can make a plan for his future. He and Fana painted the kids lounge and it looks lovely. He also assists with the driving which helps us a lot. He has also helped with the filling in of the old pool and it is now halfway filled in.

The older kids have just completed writing their end of 2nd term tests and will break up on the 12th August. José is back at college and working hard. He is also involved in sports at the college and a member of the volley ball team. Sam is really enjoying his course in Motor Mechanics and working hard. He was doing his practical in the afternoons, at a Motor Garage near to our home and is learning lots about engines.

The staff continue to work well together and the home is running smoothly giving Robyn more time to catch up on the paperwork. Luke and Florence have set a date and will marry on the 11th December and we are really happy to welcome Florence into our family. We will be travelling to Botswana at the end of September to meet her family there.

Gerry continues to work hard on the cars and has decided to do a complete overhaul on the Camry so it is still up on blocks with its engine out. In between fixing taps, leaky pipes, repairing wall plugs and many other little tasks, he is kept very busy in the home.

With Robyn away, there will be no newsletter for August. Thank you once again to everyone who has contributed in any way to helping and assisting us in ABC with our home and children. Please continue to keep us all in your daily prayers. Thank you.

God bless you all

Gerry & Robyn