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November/December Newsletter 2016

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Tuesday, 03 January 2017 18:13

Dear Friends,

This is a combined newsletter, as it has been so busy in the home, that we didn’t manage to do last month’s newsletter on time. As we wind down to the end of the year, we reflect on all that has happened during 2016. It has been a busy and hard year for us with staff issues at the beginning of the year and 2 of our older staff members leaving, new staff coming in and Robyn having to train them, Kevin leaving us, Robyn going away to the UK for 6 weeks and then coming home to problems with Kitty and Collin and them signing themselves out of our home, as they no longer wanted to continue living with us in ABC. Jaun moved in with us in January and then decided to move out in April and dropped out of school again.

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October Newsletter 2016

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Tuesday, 03 January 2017 18:03

This month has certainly been full of difficulties but we know that God is in control and this home is His home and these are His babies and children. We have experienced one of the worst droughts in many years and are so grateful to answered prayers in that rain has been falling over our land during this month.

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August/September Newsletter 2016

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Tuesday, 03 January 2017 17:30

Well, my long awaited for holiday is now over. The trip to the UK for 6 weeks was so amazing! The flight to acheter viagra the UK was pleasant and my cousin Judy met me at Heathrow airport. It was so very special for me to meet up with my cousins whom I hadn’t seen in many, many years and to spent time with them, catching up and reminiscing over our past. Thank you to Judy and Richard and their lovely children for allowing me to stay with them and for spoiling me.

The surprise for Talitha worked out really well and it had her crying when she saw me. It was so well worth keeping it a secret from her. Well done to all who helped me, particularly to Jono, with the surprise. Thank you to Pa ul, Bev and Owain Hughes for getting me to Talitha’s and for helping to make the big surprise work. Benjamin and Jesse were also amazed to see me when they walked in the door from visiting with their friends. Jesse just kept looking at me and then I got lots and lots of hugs. I was so privileged to be at the birth our new grandson, Judah Will Garner, born on the 22 August.

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July Newsletter 2016

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Tuesday, 03 January 2017 17:17

Dear Friends,
July has been a fairly quiet month. The babies are all doing well and growing. Emanuel has started walking. Emily is into everything. Wanda and Lucy are crawling everywhere and pulling themselves up to stand. Isaac is starting to push himself around in the walker, has 2 teeth and is eating solid foods. The older 4 are active and busy, climbing, jumping, running around and embracing life to the fullest, talking and questioning everything.

Robyn is preparing to leave for the UK on the 12 August, for 6 weeks, to be with Talitha and the birth of our new baby grandson, on the 22 August. She leaves on the 12 August. She had to apply for a Swazi International passport and we have been to Pretoria to the British Embassy for her Family Visa which has been granted. There were many questions to be answered and much paperwork to be done but she now is ready to go. Dominique will be here to help Gerry with the running of the home while Robyn is away. Talitha doesn’t know that Robyn is coming as we, together with Jono, have planned it as a surprise for her.

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June Newsletter 2016

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Tuesday, 03 January 2017 16:54

Dear Friends,

This has been a good month for us even though it has had a little sadness too. We struggled with Kevin and his behaviour and nothing we did seemed to be helping him. He continued to disrupt our home, be rebellious and show signs of aggression and violence. With much deliberation and guidance from the social welfare, police and the psychologist, it was suggested that Kevin be moved out of ABC and returned to his birth mother in Big Bend. So on the 12th June, Kevin was signed out of ABC and taken back to his biological family, by welfare. We have heard that he has been enrolled in the local school there, so we are praying that he will continue with his schooling.


The team from USA who painted our lounges and showered ABC with many blessings


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