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May Newsletter 2016

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Tuesday, 03 January 2017 15:58

Greetings to all,
Winter is definitely here as the days grow shorter and the nights get longer and the cold winds blow. The older kids were on holiday until the 16th May and so didn’t need to get up as early and could cuddle under their blankets until later. They enjoyed their extra time in bed. The toddlers of course, have inbuilt alarm clocks so no matter how late the sun rises or how cold it gets, they are up at 6am.

Collin is doing really well and is now stable on his medication. We were all blessed to have our friend Wendy, from Mental Health, come and share with the kids a couple of times, during the holidays, on mental health. She shared her own story with the older kids and answered a lot of their questions. It was a really good time for them to learn more about mental health related illnesses.

Robyn made a few trips through to Piggs Peak to get Collin and Lozi their I.D cards and also to do Isaac’s birth certificates. Robyn also took Collin and Lozi to Maguga Dam Lodge for lunch on their way back home and they had a lovely day out.

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April Newsletter 2016

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Tuesday, 03 January 2017 15:35

Dear Friends,
This month has seen a lot happening again. Winter is definitely on its way with the weather turning cold quickly and with a few of our babies having runny noses and coughs.

Our cousins, Dougie and Lynette, visited us during the first weekend this month to see our home and the work we are doing. We had a lovely 3 days catching up and visiting with them. Robyn is so blessed to have such wonderful, Godly cousins in her life. We are so thankful to the Lord for reconnecting us together with them again.

Gerry has spent a lot of time working on cars this month with the radiator going on the Toyota Camry and then the head gasket blew and he is busy replacing that. He was also working on the little Toyota Rav and replaced a few parts which needed changing and the car is going well again.

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March Newsletter 2016

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Tuesday, 03 January 2017 15:21

Dear friends,
Once again we have had a full and busy month. Aunty Alice joined our staff the beginning of this month to replace Dudu. Alice worked for ABC in Bulembu since 2005 and her mother was our 2nd night staff worker in Big Bend. She has a daughter Ayanda, 10 years old, who grew up in ABC. Alice remained behind in Bulembu when we moved. She was also trained as our toddler teacher and was a toddler housemother. She got married in 2014 and has a 1 year old daughter, Petunia. She was desperately looking for a job and contacted us. She is now back with us and has fitted in really well, as she already knows our home and what is expected of her.

On the 4th of March we met with the owner of this house that we are renting, and we had a really good meeting with him. We will sign a new lease for 3 years with him in July, and the rent will only be increased by E200 per month and will stay like that for the next 3 years! He has also given us written permission to fill in the old broken swimming pool and convert it into a play area for the toddlers. We still have first option to buy this house, as soon as his legal issues with his wife are sorted out, and he informed us that he already considers the house as ours for ABC.

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February Newsletter 2016

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Tuesday, 03 January 2017 15:06


February has been a hard month for us at ABC but God is faithful and we have made it through. There has been good and bad, sad and happy, and also rejoicing times during this month.

Aunty Dudu who resigned and left us in January, took us to the law saying that Robyn was abusing her verbally and so she had to resign, saying it was a constructive dismissal. The whole month was a worry because we knew that Robyn had not abused any of her staff but finally we had to meet on the 29th February to finalise this complaint that was laid against Robyn and ABC. Robyn keeps detailed records on all the staff and Dudu didn’t know this. Her story changed a few times during the final meeting as Robyn read out from her records against each complaint. This definitely helped to save us from paying out E21 000 to Dudu as she was demanding from us. The matter was settled and an agreement of settlement of E5000 was drawn up and Dudu left.

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January Newsletter 2016

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Tuesday, 03 January 2017 14:59

Dear Friends,
We trust you all enjoyed the holidays. We had a great time with Andrew, Chris and Alex back home during this time. We also had a great Christmas with friends, Lynn, Dean and Miri, joining us for Christmas day. Lynn and Dominique spoilt Robyn by not allowing her to enter the kitchen and they did all the Christmas day preparations and dinner. It was a wonderful family time with lots of food and happy memories being made.
The New Year started with Sam and Josh enrolling in Driving School and they are working on getting their driving licences by the end of March. Sam has put his CV out and is waiting to hear about a job in the transport industry. Josh has decided to return to Bible College and complete his Degree in Theology, if arrangements can be made for that and God opens the doors for him to return to college.

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