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Lunch with Collin & Lozi

inter is definitely here as the days grow shorter and the nights get longer and the cold winds blow. The older kids were on holiday until the 16th May and so didn’t need to get up as early and could cuddle under their blankets until later. They enjoyed their extra time in bed. The toddlers of course, have inbuilt alarm clocks so no matter how late the sun rises or how cold it gets, they are up at 6am. Collin is doing really well and is now stable on his medication. We were all blessed to have our friend Wendy, from Mental Health, come and share with the kids a couple of times, during the holidays, on mental health. She shared her own story with the older kids and answered a lot of their questions. It was a really good time for them to learn more about mental health related illnesses. Robyn made a few trips through to Piggs Peak to get Collin and Lozi their I.D cards and also to do Isaac’s birth certificates. Robyn also took Collin and Lozi to Maguga Dam Lodge for lunch on their way back home and they had a lovely day out. Kevin has been going through a whole lot if behavior issues this month and he needs a lot of prayer, as his behavior is very disruptive in the home. He continues to receive counseling from the clinical psychologist in Manzini, but it has been a tough and emotional month for all of us. Jaun’s father made contact him and offered him a car if he returned home, so on the 6th Jaun decided to leave us and return to his father’s house. We are all hoping that he will continue to go to school to complete his education. We were sad that he chose to do this, as we all know of his father’s reputation but there was nothing we could do about the choices that he has made. Barry had his 3rd birthday on the 1st and enjoyed all the fuss we gave him on his special day. He is talking so much and is quite the comic, keeping us laughing with his actions and things he says. Wanda is now crawling on her knees but Lucy finds it easier to pull herself along on the ground. Emily is walking everywhere and trying to run, especially when we call her to come to us, she laughs and waddles off in the opposite direction. Emanuel is slower in his mile stones and at 14 months old is only just trying to stand alone. He is very small for his age but is a fast crawler and is getting into all sorts of mischief. Isaac at 4 months old, continues to be placid and quiet and contented. He is now moving himself around in the walker a little, but is more content to just sit in the walker and watch the ABC life happen around him.

Heather, Andrea & Robyn at the fancy hat & glove banquet at the Conference

Sam has been accepted at BSA Training center, which is situated just around the corner from our home. He will do Motor Mechanics and will start the 1 year course in June. Josh has inquired into doing an internship at our church under our pastor, Carl Brooking, and we should hear about that soon. José finishes his first term at the end of this month and will be home on holiday for the whole month of June. The staff are all working really well together and it’s relieved the pressure on Robyn to have staff who just get on and do their jobs. The gardener is working out really well and is appreciative to have the job. On the 13th May Robyn had her birthday and was treated to a breakfast with our church, bible study ladies. Then on the 19th she caught a bus to Jo’burg to attend a 4 day, Women’s conference with the Baptist Union at Roodepoort, S.A. She had a wonderful time of renewal, refreshing and rest and made some lovely new friends. Then Heather, who was at the conference with Robyn, and Andy brought her home and spent night with us on the 22nd. Our friends, Marcia and Scott Borg, who work with AIM (Adventures In Missions), were here from USA, and invited us to have dinner with them on the 27th. They are helping to establish a new baby home down in the Low-veld and were asking us questions concerning setting up the baby home and running a baby home. It was lovely to spend time with them and share our experiences with them as well. Again we would like to thank everyone for all their generosity in giving either in prayers or any other way, to our home and family, and for making it possible for ABC to further continue in caring for these special children and babies. God bless you all Gerry and Robyn
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